D M Mitchell

1464668_10152069344423478_1875842857_nD M Mitchell – author of ‘The Seventh Song Of Maldoror’, ‘Parasite’ and ‘Savoy: A Serious Life’. Edited ‘The Starry Wisdom – a tribute to H P Lovecraft’. Was co-creator with Dire McCain of Paraphilia Magazine. Started Oneiros Books in 1998, temporarily retired the project and revived it in 2013 as a way of publishing books that would otherwise be unjustly passed over by the contemporary publishing ‘industry’.

Michael McAloran

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Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976). His work has appeared in various zines and magazines, including ditch, Gobbet Magazine, Ygdrasil, Establishment, Unlikely Stories, Stride Magazine, Underground Books, etc. He has authored a number of chapbooks, including ‘The Gathered Bones’, (Calliope Nerve Media), ‘Final Fragments’, (Calliope Nerve Media) & ‘Unto Naught’, (Erbacce-Press). A full length collection of poems, ‘Attributes’, was published by ‘Desperanto’ in 2011. Lapwing Publications, (Ireland), released a collection of his poems, ‘The Non Herein’ in 2012. The Knives, Forks & Spoons Press, (U.K), also released an ekphrastic book of text/ art, ‘Machinations’ this year & Oneioros Books has also released ‘In Damage Seasons’ & ‘All Stepped/ Undone’ in 2013. A further collection ‘Of Dead Silences’, was also published this year by Lapwing Publications. 

AD Hitchin

75519_10151284584981790_1653676943_n (1)
A.D. Hitchin is a somewhat heretical purveyor of poetry and prose, known predominantly for his work utilising the cut-up method. Hitchin’s cut-up poetry was featured at the ‘Cut-Ups @ Beat Hotel’ event curated by Joe Ambrose in 2013 and discussed in the academic text ‘Shift Linguals: Cut-Up Narratives from William S. Burroughs to the Present (Postmodern Studies)’ as well as at the Textual Revolutions Conference at the University of Stirling in 2009. Numerous websites and magazines have also showcased his poetry and short fiction, including International Times, 3AM and BlazeVox. Hitchin’s ‘The Holy Hermaphrodite’ chapbook was released by Shadow Archer Press in 2009, followed by his full-length debut book ‘Messages to Central Control’ published by Paraphilia books in 2011 and reprinted by Oneiros Books in 2013. Two new chapbooks, ‘The Empath’ and ‘Pure’, will be published by Dynatox Ministries in December 2013. He is currently editing the anthology ‘Cut Up!’ with Joe Ambrose to be released soon on Oneiros Books.

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