Death In The Key of Life by Danny Baker


By Danny Baker

Grit your teeth world; Danny Baker is going in dry! ’Death In The Key Of Life’ is like a long sustained Coltrane saxophone solo. It caresses, it brutalizes, it honks and bleats (in)articulately, it pleads for meaning, it spits on the world. Often all on the same page.

Many have tried to give expression to the inexpressible – Joyce, Artaud, Beckett. Danny Baker is the first person who might just have pulled it off.

“surfing shudder at the very thought on wave of zeitgeist. cinematic detail jackknifes into animated over-the-top. voluminous desire to throw it all down a hunch- occasionally leaning hard on disputed. overactive imagination is an oxymoron. personally I think this book is the future of poetry. It’s never too late to treat yourself to some truth. You’ll find that & so much more in Danny Baker’s art. You have my word.”

mark hartenbach

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