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‘The Broken Diary’ by Ian Miller and ‘She’ by Christine Murray


y Ian Mill
Ian Miller is best known for his surreal and grotesque illustrations for people like Tolkien, Lovecraft, Peake and others. He collaborated on the graphic novels ‘The Luck In The Head’ with M John Harrison, and ‘The City’ with James Herbert. His work has been collected, most notably in the book ‘Green Dog Trumpet’.
With ‘The Broken Diary’, Miller takes us on a labyrinthine journey through ‘almost familiar’ places, meeting with disturbing often hilarious characters – all intercut with entries from the author’s diary, in such a way that the everyday melts into the phantastic.


By Christine Murray
“I do not expect anyone will believe me, but I know that my dreaming life is as real as my waking life. Indeed, I have learnt not to call these sleeping narratives anything other than a different part of my reality.
When I first encountered the entity that appears on the towpath I was afraid for She seemed hardly human to me. I had gone little by little into this dreaming place over the course of twenty years, and I had explored it almost wholly. I do not know what my encounter with this lady means, I intend to find out.”
With ‘She’ Christine Murray explores the spaces between waking and dreaming, that we all inhabit yet are so rarely revealed to us in this day and age. Part shaman part Sybil,she takes us on a Jungian odyssey to meet the archetype that stands at the crossroads of birth and death, one whom we are all destined to encounter sooner or later.

The Broken Diary by Ian Miller

She by Christine Murray