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the delicate steels are leaning in a row on blue
blue cloths awaiting their use

they think she cannot see this or does not know
the hook/ the blind/ the knife /the thread-skein/

the needle point for when the rupture will begin
as it will

she stumbles past wearing the gown and carrying
her paper-cup of ice ice-water : to wake him up

inside the silica of this holding-skin

inside the silica of this holding-skin
beneath crystal swipe and tungsten tip

the exact point
drain then seep

the vessel-encasement sustains until form becomes
as apparent as the meconium distress which is all

over the cloths the linens the floor / blood is everywhere
the globe is hook burst / there is a body curled into the skin

stitched in caul and head / they will /
use the steel tips to force him out

1-front-200x300 (1)Episiotomy and inside the silica of this holding-skin are © C. Murray
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