Blake awakes from the violent knock of his head, his left ear clearly bloodied. disoriented by his surroundings, the ululation of his wife, Martha places him back to reality. Firstly, he removes his seatbelt and leans over to Martha. Martha is whispering something delicately. Due to her immense pain she cannot induce a higher volume to her speech. Blake places his ear to her pallid lips; ‘my boy, my boy is coming, Blake, please, please…’ His reaction is a little untoward, it’s a stubborn reaction, and it wasn’t of any compulsion to save neither the life of the arriving person nor his wife. Instead, he stares into the blistering flames that govern his view through the terribly shattered windshield. Amidst the burning view, a horse convulses, stamping its hooves on the side of the ruptured vehicle, its back two legs are maimed and trapped underneath the car. Blake is startled by such a macabre image. The horses eyes; pure white and insane, the haunted pupils are in a riot, in a stasis of brutality. read more here